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Computer-Aided System for Morphometric Mandibular Index Computation

J. López-López, José M. Álvarez, E. Jané-Salas, A. Estrugo-Devesa, R. Ayuso-Montero, E. Velasco-Ortega

Osteoporosis is a systemic bone disease affecting millions of people, especially postmenopausal women. There are a number of works relating osteoporosis to mandibular morphometric radiography. In this way, different mandibular indexes are defined to diagnose osteoporosis. We propose and validate a computer—aided system to measure three different mandibular indexes: cortical width, panoramic mandibular index and, mandibular alveolar bone resorption index. The sofware is a very user friendly computerized method to measure three different morphometric mandibular indexes (see figure below). It does not require an expert examiner and does not take more than 16 seconds per analysis. Thus, it may be suitable to diagnose osteoporosis using dental panoramic radiographs.






Different measures can be estimated manually in dental panoramic radiographs. Main measures are defined as: cortical width (CW): a; panoramic mandibular index (PMI): a/b; mandibular alveolar bone resorption index (MM ratio): d/c. All these measures are estimated in millimeters. If the mental foramen is visible on both sides of mandible the measures are averaged. See text for further details on the procedure.












The algorithm is based on nine points manually labelled in each image. Pmu: points defining the upper mandibular border. Pml: points defining the lower mandibular border. Pfc: the center of the foramen. Pfl: inferior margin of the foramen. Pcw: points defining the cortical width.
The software is based on Matlab and can be downloaded using the link below. The Matlab runtime required for execution can be downloaded here. Contact to Jose M. Alvarez for technical questions and suggeriments regarding the software. Contact to Dr. J. López-López for medical questions regarding osteoporosis and the analisis.

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J. López-López, Jose M. Alvarez, E. Jané-Salas, A. Estrugo-Devesa, R. Ayuso-Montero, E. Velasco-Ortega, Computer-Aided System for Morphometric Mandibular Index Computation (using dental panoramic radiographs). Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine. Sep 2011.


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