I am open to inquiries and discussions with students (MSc, PhD or BS) interested in projects in the areas of robotics and computer vision. Strong programming skills and a background in engineering or computer science are desirable. NICTA and Australian National University (ANU) offer a number of scholarships for projects in related fields.


Dec. 2013-Apr. 2014 German Ros, Computer Vision Center, Barcelona.

Sep. 2016-Dec. 2016 <.span>Eduardo Romera, UAH, Madrid.

Mar. 2017-July. 2017 Albert Jimenez, UPC, Barcelona. Now at TRIAGE.


PhD Students

2013- Lachlan Horne (cosupervised with Nick Barnes). Now at Microsoft


B.S. Thesis.

2011-2012 Xavier Pujol Avellaneda, Global vehicle localization using low cost GPS receivers.

2010-2011 Manuel Juan Garcia Vargas, Fusion of feature descriptors for real time road detection. Now  Transmission Engineer en GESTALL

2010-2011 Albert Fexas Mateo, Road Scene Classification. Now Tècnic de documentació at COMEXI GROUP INDUSTRIES, S.A.U

2010-2011 Daniel Mir Montserrat, Automatic Bone Eegeneration Evaluation.

2009-2010 Adriana Romero Soriano, Multi-View Face Recognition. Now Phd Student at Universitat de Barcelona / CVC.

2009-2010 Aleix Pascual Merino, Image Processing for Bone Regeneration Evaluation. Now Researcher assistant en I+D+i Salud en Barcelona Digital Technology Centre

2008-2009 Pol Cirujeda Santolaria, Road Detection Using High Dynamic Range Cameras. Now  PhD Student at Universitat Pompeu Fabra

2008-2009 David Pérez Álvarez, Road Detection at Night. Now Project Manager at Tenea.

2008-2009 Enric Gili i Albareda, Road Scene Categorization. Computer Science Freelance.


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